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Why invest with Here?
Why invest with Here?
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πŸ’° High-Yield - Our properties are located in stable high appreciation and high cash-flowing vacation markets that deliver a strong long-term return.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Fully Passive - Here includes professional in-house property management, so you are freed from time-consuming tasks and decisions.

🏘 Fractional Ownership - Shares are offered in select vacation rentals, this results in a lower barrier to entry & lower cost of diversification.

πŸ”‘ Economic Rights - With Here you’ll receive economic rights in the underlying property, including potential net rental income and appreciation.

🀝 Alignment - We retain a minimum ownership interest of at least 1% in each property. In short, we partner directly with you so you can invest with confidence.

πŸ› Liability - Each property is held in an LLC and covered with property insurance that shields you from personal liability

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