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What happens after I make an investment?
What happens after I make an investment?
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Once an investor has placed their investment order, our team works to process your payment along with all other investor orders and close the offering - there are no further actions required! This process can take a few weeks.

Our team is also working diligently to prepare the Here property for guests. This process varies in time depending on the property and local destination market - on average, onboarding can take up to ninety days or longer. Once ready, your new Here property will begin accepting bookings, and guests from all over the world will be visiting your very own vacation rental property.

If you'd like to learn about what goes into Here's onboarding period, you can read more about it here.

Once onboarding is completed, the property will begin generating income from booking revenue. If the property generates sufficient funds to make payouts, you'll receive your pro-rata share on a quarterly basis. You can view the expected first payout date for each Here property on the property's offering page. Investors are entitled to their pro-rata share of net booking income from the very first day that the property is rented out by guests. Each payout will be deposited directly into your Here account.

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