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What does it mean when a Here property is "onboarding?"
What does it mean when a Here property is "onboarding?"

Learn what the Here team does to prepare a home to be rental-ready and start accepting guests.

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"Onboarding" refers to the period of time in between when we close on a new acquisition and when the respective Here property is hosting guests for the first time.

During onboarding, the Here team is hard at work transitioning the property from vacation home status to vacation rental status, and this period can vary in time based on the nature of the property and the local destination market in which the property is located.

Some responsibilities that our team must perform during this period include:

  • End-to-end sourcing, acquisition, and implementation of a complete furniture package for the property

  • Applying for and obtaining the appropriate licensure and permitting requirements in order to operate a short-term rental in the area

  • Organizing vendor management and guest solutions technologies for a best-in-class guest experience

  • Creating turn-key marketing materials, including professional photography of the property

  • Enhancing or adding amenities to the property that are aligned with our revenue-optimization strategy

Here's real estate team is meticulous over the details that make a vacation rental business stand out from the crowd - it's why Here has garnered invite-only honors, like being Superhost on Airbnb and a Premier Host on VRBO. Much of this magic happens during onboarding.

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