Historically, our portfolio has produced an average annual total return of 33.98% as of 2022. However, the performance of each property is unique, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Active Here properties distribute payouts to investors on a quarterly basis. As of 2022, our portfolio has returned:

  • Total return: 33.98%*

  • Appreciation: 26.99%*

  • Rental income: 5.19%*

Here’s real estate team works diligently across all functions (acquisitions, guest operations, property management) to empower our guests to stay with us for the first time and make them come back for more.

*The annualized percent return, expressed using IRR, that an investor’s portfolio has earned (or expects to earn), provided herein for informational purposes rather than any estimation of future performance. See recent Here Collection LLC 1-U SEC filings for most current earnings per share figures. Appreciation uses 3rd party property value estimates to calculate the change in value of underlying real estate. The value is added to the balance sheet which factors in liabilities, like the loan balance, accrued property taxes and prorated initial costs. Appreciation will be unrealized until the property is sold. Properties included in Here’s portfolio performance: Sunburst, Moonridge, Enchantment, Avenida, Mendocino, Hacienda, Tanglewood.

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