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How do Here properties stand out from other vacation rentals?
How do Here properties stand out from other vacation rentals?
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All Here properties are sourced, onboarded, and managed by Here's best-in-class in-house real estate teams. Investors in Here properties know from the moment they make a commitment to a new Here property, the entire lifecycle of the asset is cared for by the same team that's invested alongside you in every offering.

Our guests' memorable experiences while staying at a Here property start long before they walk through the door. It begins with our acquisition team.

Here's acquisition team identifies and vets thousands of deals every month. Today, we launch approximately 1-2 new properties on the platform each month. That acceptance rate speaks to the opportunity a new property must present when considering if it will add value to our portfolio and be available to our investors, such as yourself.

To our acquisition team, location matters - a lot. It's the first building block to operating a successful vacation rental and a consideration that our team does not take lightly. Some data points our team looks at are tourism activities, rental growth, economic growth, population growth, home price appreciation, and expectations of future development. Our team also identifies demographic data associated with travel and tourism, which helps us narrow down homes based on size, sleeping arrangements, major home systems, current amenities, and ability to install future amenities.

As you can see, it's not easy for a home to fit our portfolio's criteria, but that's a good thing.

As our acquisition team is vetting properties and in negotiations with sellers, our onboarding team is providing the necessary guidance for our team to understand the opportunity ahead of us with each acquisition. Once a home is under contract, our onboarding team marches forward with planning and implementation.

Each Here property goes through an onboarding period, which occurs while a new property is under contract and is completed prior to welcoming our first guest. This step is important in order to make every Here property stands out from all other vacation rentals.

The results of Here's onboarding efforts is the very first thing a guest notices when they walk through the door - the warm and inviting allure of the home, the board games set out for the kids, and every functional amenity you'll need on your unforgettable getaway.

Here's in-house team of onboarding professionals who sources and installs all OS&E and FF&E and creates turnkey marketing materials, including professional photography that makes our listings stand far above the crowd. In addition to guest-facing responsibilities, our onboarding team ensures that each Here property is compliant with local business regulations and tax codes so our properties can generate income for our investors without ever being interrupted by local regulatory matters.

As a property's onboarding period is wrapping up, our in-house property management team is working hard to ensure our guests are served well and book their second (or third) trip as soon as they leave our home.

Here's property management team oversees all day-to-day management activities, such as timely cleaning, guest scheduling, maintenance issues, and guest relations. Our team ensures that guests are assisted quickly and conveniently with our 24-hour guest support on standby. Our team can also guide our guests with concierge-level service with recommendations and suggested activities to embark on nearby. Other features that we believe improve a guest's experience are our fast Wi-Fi (Airbnb badge), experiential items for local activities, easy check-in/check-out, and our personalized market guidebooks.

These efforts, among others, have earned Here's property management team honors, such as "Super Host" on Airbnb and "Premier Host" on VRBO.

At Here, we believe there is no single point of success or failure in operating a successful vacation rental. For us, it begins with the very first analysis of a prospective acquisition (one that we most likely won't end up buying) and never ends. By putting our guests first, our investors are rewarded. To view how our portfolio has performed to date, please check out this article here.

And if you'd like to stay in a portfolio property (or read some of our awesome reviews 😊), you can book your next trip here.

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